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Bigband Exposure speelt bij Stedelijk Lyceum Zuid in Enschede

Wegens afwezigheid van onze vaste bastrombonist, Robert, had Bigband Exposure het genoegen om met Russ Zokaites op te treden. Ook Russ kijkt met plezier terug op een wonderlijke avond:

December the 13th, I had the pleasure of playing with Big Band Exposure at a high school in Enschede. As an American, I found the similarities and differences of school's dances to be interesting. Most schools in the US would hire a DJ instead of a big band. Big Band Exposure created a great atmosphere; the band was full of energy and played extremely loud. However, the students were grouped by gender, with the well dressed girls and boys just staring at each other. This awkwardness is probably the same all over the world. By the end of the night, Big Band Exposure succeeded in getting most of the students to dance. I currently had a great time.

Russ is Amerikaan en studeert bastrombone aan het conservatorium in Enschede.

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